Our dental office collects personal information on patients to ensure patients receive safe and appropriate dental treatment. In addition, credit card and insurance coverage information may also be collected to facilitate payment for treatment rendered.

Accountability (Principle 1)

Our dental office is responsible for all personal information under our control, and the policies and practices we employ for handling this information to ensure our office complies with the provincial privacy legislation in force. For more information on our policies or, should you have any concerns, please contact our privacy officer whose contact information is listed at the end of this document.

Identifying Purposes (Principle 2)

Our office collects personal information from patients for the safe and efficient delivery of dental treatment, including information used for payment of dental services. This information includes contact information, medical history, past treatment and billing information, such as insurance status. Patients will be notified if their personal information is to be used for purposes other than those indicated here. In the normal course of business, your information may be viewed by computer and accounting personnel.

Consent (Principle 3)

As a dental patient, your personal information is requested to ensure safe and appropriate dental care is provided. It will only be collected, used and disclosed for this purpose. Similarly, financial information will also be collected, used and disclosed for the payment of services rendered. On this basis, it is reasonable to conclude that you have provided consent for this purpose.

Limiting Collection (Principle 4)

Personal information collected on patients is limited to providing patient care and receiving payment for these services.

Limiting Use, Disclosure and Retention (Principle 5)

Personal information will not be used, disclosed or retained for purposes other than those identified above and will only be retained for as long as necessary to fulfill those purposes or as required by law. When it is no longer required, all personal information will be destroyed in a manner that recognizes the sensitivity of the information.

Accuracy (Principle 6)

To ensure the accuracy of the personal information, our office encourages patients and staff to maintain records that are accurate and up-to-date. Patients can notify staff on their next visit or contact the office immediately if there is a change.

Safeguards (Principle 7)

Our office will take reasonable steps to ensure the personal information under our control will be protected from unauthorized use and disclosure appropriate to the sensitivity of the information.

Openness (Principle 8)

Information on our policies and practices are available to patients. Please direct your enquiries to the privacy officer as noted below.

Individual Access (Principle 9)

An individual can request to view their personal information held by our office by contacting our privacy officer. A patient can challenge the accuracy and completeness of the information and have it amended as appropriate.

We will be guided by the relevant section of the Act and the directives of the Ministry of Management Services as amended on occasion.

Challenge Compliance (Principle 10)

Should a patient lodge a complaint regarding our office’s compliance with the Act, a complaint can be filed with our privacy officer. All complaints will be investigated by the privacy officer who will respond to the complaint. In the event the complainant remains dissatisfied, a formal complaint can be made to the provincial Information and Privacy Commissioner.

How to contact our Privacy Officer:

Name: April Patton

Title: Manager Surgical Services
Address: 404 – 15127 100 Ave, Surrey, BC, V3R 0N9 Phone: 604 589 7000

Fax: 604 589 2237 Email: april@pcoms.ca

Privacy Policy