Piezoelectric Surgery


Piezoelectric technology is a new state-of-the-art and exciting modality that allows Dr. Aidelbaum and Dr. Chen to perform delicate oral surgical procedures. This innovative technology allows them to make precise incisions into bone without harming soft tissues. It is a new form of minimally invasive surgery that is gaining popularity in bone grafting procedures.

The Piezotome works by utilizing specific high-frequency ultrasonic modulation. It essentially vibrates at a high frequency to make extremely precise cuts into the bone structure while using sterile saline to cool the surgical site. It causes less bleeding during and after the operation and the healing process is shorter. It selectively cuts only the mineralized bone structures and avoids damage to the soft tissues such as your gums and nerves.

Because of the variety of ultrasonic tips employed, this technology can be used in a wide variety of surgical procedures such as sinus lift bone grafting, bone splitting or expansion of the ridge and preparing sites for dental implants.

Sinus Lift

A sinus lift augmentation requires elevating the maxillary sinus membrane when you have a thin bony ridge in the posterior part of your upper jaw. The traditional approach for sinus lift is associated with a risk of perforating the sinus membrane, which is the most common complication. By using piezosurgery, the risk of perforating the membrane is greatly reduced because of the selective cutting that is limited to only mineralized structures such as bone.


Dr. Aidelbaum and Dr. Chen commonly treat surgical pathology in the oral cavity. When removing a pathology in your jaw such as a cyst, there is always a risk of injuring adjacent underlying nerves or vessels depending on the location of the lesion. Furthermore, we would like to excise the lesion as a whole in order to prevent recurrence. By using piezosurgery, we can avoid injury to the soft tissues such as gingiva and nerves and blood vessels. The cystectomy procedure becomes a minimally invasive and atraumatic procedure.

Bone Splitting

The bony ridge may be of insufficient width to support a dental implant. Splitting the ridge provides increased width for proper placement of a dental implant. Piezosurgery technology allows us to separate the bone atraumatically and decreases the risk of breaking the bone by expanding it slowly.

Harvesting bone blocks and bone grafting

Dr. Aidelbaum and Dr. Chen may need to remove bone from another part of your jaw and transfer it to another site in preparation for a dental implant. The piezo unit provides great advantages by obtaining the bone graft or block in a minimally invasive manner. It allows superior precision in cutting that is smaller in width than that achieved with traditional instruments. It also does not cause bleeding of the bone tissue by causing microcoagulation which will decrease post-operative pain and swelling.

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